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Gazebo Kits Shipped to your Door Ready for Assembly

Here are some step by step installation photos of an Octagon Gazebo. This 12' Gazebo took us 4 hours to assemble.

Shipped to you in easy to assemble pieces.

  • 2x6 floor joists get screwed to the center ring
  • This will create the base for your triangular floor pieces


  • each section should create a point this will square up with the posts as the octagon takes shape
  • Next the floor pieces are layed
  • Once all the floor pieces are in place there will be two half octagon pieces for the center
  • 4x4 Posts are inserted and screwed flush with 2x6 floor joists to create a sturdy base
  • All railings come assembled into individual sections


  • Next the lower railings, upper railings and braces are attached to the 4x4 posts
  • 2x6 sills are attached to the top of the upper railings to create a base for the roof rafters
  • Each corner of the roof center ring is cut square. The rafters are attached at this point on the ring.
  • 2x6's are doubled for the rafters at the 4x4 posts


  • Next a single 2x6 is attached between the doubled sections to provide a sturdy base for the triangular roof pieces
  • The rafter structure from inside the gazebo will look like this
  • The triangular roof pieces are put in place


  • Shingles are not pre-assembled for kits 20' or larger
  • Shingle caps are attached to hide seams
  • These caps are attached from the bottom up to keep the same look as the shingled roof pattern
  • a 2x6 skirt board is attached around the perimeter of the flooring


  • Fascia boards are placed and the Cupola is attached


  • The Gazebo is now ready to use!

All Gazebo styles are available in kits, shipped directly to you, call for details!